Building a new'ish NAS

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Building a new'ish NAS

Post by blot0 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:22 am

I've been running an i5 NUC with an 8bay USB3 array for almost a year now, and while it works great for some reason proxmox on the NUC will not load UASP drivers for the storage and results is crazy CPU IOwait. This was an all-out attempt to get my power usage as low as possible without going all the way to a raspberry pi.

Tested with different OS's, had the same problem with Ubuntu and Debian but freenas picked it up correctly and loaded in the UASP support but unfortunately, I had some ZoL feature flags on the Zpool so will require copying off all the data, recreating the pool in freenas and copying it all back.
too much of a headache and I don't have that many spare drives around to do any data juggling.

I've missed my Dell R710 ever since I sold it and 100% regret it. Turns out the running 6-10 HDD's was pulling most of the power there has only been a 10-20w difference from the wall between the R710 and the NUC+HDD Dock combo.

Not very keen on rack mount gear taking up a lot of space, the middle ground will be to build up a new tower server.
I've got boatloads of DDR3 ECC ram, an E3-1240 v2. So I plan to build around that.

Bought a Supermicro X9SCM from the USA that's just arrived and a Dell H200 that I need to flash into IT mode.
For a Case I've settled on a Fractal Design R5 or R6, this seems to check all the boxes but I'm keeping an eagle eye on gumtree/eBay/facebook to try and get a second-hander. I have a Node 304 m-itx boards for LGA1155 just don't seem to exist, and getting my hands on something like an ASRock C2550D4i has been impossible.

The only thing left to pick up is a decent cooler for it, possibly something like a corsair h55 or $50 tower style cooler like one of the be quiet! Rock series should do the trick.

I'll throw up some pictures on the build process as I go!

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