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New Sega Console coming this year … ing-summer

A new games console that will emulate the Wii as well as allowing you to play classic Sega games is being launched in the summer.

The console, called the Sega Zone, will come with 20 classic Sega titles, like Alex Kid, Golden Axe, Sonic and Knuckles and Ecco the dolphin as well as a further 30 games, 16 of which are motion controlled.

Users will be able to control the action via two included wireless remote controls and when not playing Sega titles be able to play the usual array of sports classics like table tennis, darts, fencing, beach volleyball, and golf by waving the controller in front of the screen as they do with the Nintendo console.

However, gamers hoping to be able to load in more games will be disappointed, although the makers say that they hope to offer more Sega titles in the future, you won't be able to add them to this system.

Priced at around 50, the Sega Zone is expected to be out in the summer.

The Sega Zone follows the launch of a revamped Sega Mega Drive console launched in April 2009.

The console, which is smaller than the original comes preloaded with 15 Sega licensed games, many of which are also featured on the Sega Zone.

It is, however, able to take old cartridges and is priced at 39.95.
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Re: New Sega Console coming this year

What came of this?



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